Why use a professional?

Jason Olson, Vacation PlannerA question I encounter frequently is why use a travel agent, vacation planner or other travel professional. With the advent of easy, online booking engines, why go through an agent who will likely increase the trip cost.

While travel can be booked online independently, there is significant value add that a travel professional can bring.

Value #1: You are a VIP to a real person who understands your needs! Not just a reservation number in a computer. You have an advocate who has the inside track. Available by simply calling to your agent’s 800 number for the before, during and after your vacation.

Value #2: Our agency is completely fee free, providing all of these services to you at no additional cost. What this means is that the hotels, Disney and other suppliers pay us, but don’t charge you anymore than if you did it yourself. Hotels also pay the online websites you’re familiar with, which they use to fund their operations as well.

Value #3: Saving! We don’t just search once for the best deal, but continually monitor to see if a better deal comes out and automatically applies it to your vacation. We also understand how to different combinations can lead to a better value than individual components when booked separately. We also understand how travelling on different days or time of year can reduce the cost of travel. Many times once you book online, what you book is what you have. In a real situation with a client recently, they started off with a balcony stateroom, and through checking between deposit and their sailing we were able to upgrade them two times into a better category, and save over $1000 off their initial price.

Value #4: Experience makes the difference! Travel agents have been there, and done that. We can provide you information from their first-hand knowledge saving you time from hours of researching. All to help you get the best experience from your trip.

Value #5: Travel Agents can help you with all of the details related to a trip, saving you significant time in planning. Beyond simply air and hotel, we assist with transfers, tours, and visa/documentation needs. We help you more than just booking your trip, but help you plan your vacation.

All of these culminate into our value add proposition that provides significant assistance and service without additional cost.

Let’s get started today! You can reach me at:


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