About the Travel Professional

Jason Olson, Vacation Planner & Travel Agent

Hi there and welcome to my blog!

My name is Jason Olson and live in Redding, California. I have a huge passion for customer service and Disneyland, and for over 12 years I have been guide for many friends and colleagues for Disney vacation and various cruises! I was looking for new avenues to help bring people closer to the magic, so I joined a national agency. I started in travel with the humble idea to help people enjoy the parks better – it was sad to see see people who have spent years savings to only have a poor experience. I have been able to help direct and guide many friends into having a better vacation experience… I am naturally an engineer who loves details and creating unique solutions problems, and I really enjoy it. Helping people with travel planning seems to be a natural fit, bringing together two great passions. I’ve created a Disneyland Manuscript which has been shared with friends and family over the years to help them plan trips. What makes my approach a bit difference is it is called “Vacationing Disneyland the Sane Way” which focuses more on the mental processes of a ‘sane’ vacation, the art of vacationing, and really getting down to enjoy the trip with your family.

In mid-2012 I join a national travel agency, which places a priority on training and providing magic with every customer interaction and that is very much aligned with my values. Through my training I have not only received the ins-and-outs of general travel and the “business”, I have received in-depth knowledge and certification from various vendors. I am certified in the following locations: Hawaii, Miami, Mexico and Cancun; as well as certified with top destinations such as Disney, Universal Studios and Lego Land. Plus top cruise lines including, Royal Caribbean, Disney Cruise Line, Princess and Norwegian Cruise (to name only a few). Some Travel Agents attempt to see you everything, even if they are not specifically familiar with the destination. While I am happy to accommodate all requests for travel, I have a few locations I specifically consider myself a Destination Expert which I have written about.

In mid-2013 I purchased Cruise Holidays of Redding from the original owners of 25 years who were retiring after providing excellent customer service to the greater Redding area, and nationally through several cruise programs. They are a wonderful couple who build a highly successful retail firm, and I am excepted to become the new owner to take this company to the next level of growth and service to the area!

I provide professional and personalized services to clients both local and online. From Redding, California and the greater Shasta County, as well as helping clients across the US, such as some recent clients from Georgia, Denver, and Arizona.

I hope you enjoy this blog and if you have any questions, please let me know!

You can reach out to me via:

I also am a contributor over at:

Also some important things to note: I am a Travel Agent working out of my office in Redding, California providing services to my clients both local and around the US. I am registered in California and Florida, along with industry leaders such as ASTA and CLIA. The views and information expressed in this blog are my opinions and are not designed, intended or authorized to represent my agency, our suppliers or any specific destination. This blog is not endorsed or approved by the Walt Disney Company; nor does this guide provide any warranty or statement of suitability. No liability is assumed by the editor, authors, contributors or redidngtravelpro.com or WordPress.com. Some names of individuals have been changed; all names of minors have been changed. The information contained in this blog  is provided to the best of my knowledge at the time of posting, and is subject to change at any time. Please be sure to check directly with the Walt Disney Company, or any other travel supplier, hotel, cruise line about any changes prior to your vacation. Attractions, prices, policies and promotions change frequently. We also reserve the right to typographical errors and omissions, misrepresentation of facts or other editorial errors. However, we do strive to provide the best information available at the time of publication. This publication is 100% independent of any third part organization, website or company and receives no revenues for the placement of Trademarks, names, websites, or other contact information in this guide. Specific references to any supplier or company does not suggest endorsement or recommendation from them of my agency or services.


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